Thursday, March 27, 2014


Info(rmation) + graphic = Infographic = A picture with info

Last post, I wrote about some of the elements of a strong infographic. Our students have taken to this so well that I am actually hosting my next PD session on the topic! 

To prepare, I made the following infographic about making infographics using the amazing PIKTOCHART website! 

No use having it just take up space in the cloud, I figured I'd share it here as well! Enjoy! 
(If you have any trouble, or want to use this again, CLICK HERE for the infographic url).

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Let's Talk about Informational Texts

A few weeks ago, my favorite nutrition site, Precision Nutrition, sent me their latest post. I clicked on the link and found this AMAZING infographic. Not only did I love the information, but the teacher in me kicked in! This was a great example of some of the ways that we convey information using well-selected design elements.

So, as my students entered into the final days of their Somaliland presentation designs, I decided to have them analyze Precision Nutrition's visual as readers and writers.

Based upon our discussions, these are the key elements we identified. I then created the infographic below to help them remember these elements as they finalized their presentations.

Feel free to use with your students & check out Piktochart as a great tool for creating infographics! And for more great ideas, check out ActiveHandprint!

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