Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sandy Relief Blurb

The clock ticks towards 2:18. In just 2 minutes the bell will ring, and students will be done for the day. On most days this is the time where the surreptitious bag packers begin sliding the fronts of their notebooks on top of their pages. This is normally the time when the seat jumpers begin stretching their legs, ready to fly out the door.

But today's different. 

A group of 16 eighth grade students are huddled around one laptop. I think it needs a comma. Wait! That doesn't make sense yet. They call out. Their teacher stands at the front of the room, trying to type as quickly as they are speaking. 

This was the scene in my 7th period class last Thursday, as one student's piece was about to be posted on the local blog. For the past month my students have been absorbed in their Sandy Relief project, Donate 108. They have been working with several local agencies--Habitat for Humanity, The Community Soup Kitchen, The Interfaith Food Pantry and the Salvation Army--to collect goods for local residents affected by Superstorm Sandy. 

While I tried to type as quickly as my fingers would allow, I couldn't help but marvel at the dedication of my students! 

If this sounds like a project you would like to create at your school, STAY TUNED! We are currently creating a short book to help students and teachers do these types of things! 

With just a little help and your heart in the right place, your classroom could be just as filled--if not more--with goods for any of your local residents in need!

Our Mission

Our Mission at Active Handprint is to inspire actions that help to meet the basic needs of all human beings--to be fed, to be clothed, to have shelter, to be respected and to be safe.